Welcome to RainWays, the 3 Rivers Wet Weather green infrastructure tool created to support the planning and implementation of green solutions to address the region's wet weather problem.  Property owners will find the necessary tools to determine the best green infrastructure options for their homes or businesses.  Engineers and planners will find a more technical tool that helps to determine the impact of green infrastructure in public spaces. Together these tools will help to capture stormwater, reduce sewage overflows, improve water quality and human health, enhance groundwater recharge, and increase property values.  In short, RainWays can help us change our waterways.

Did you know that that in a few simple steps, you can easily select and plan green infrastructure for your own property that will help to preserve and protect our waterways through effective stormwater management?  Save your plans, upload photos and add your project to the regional green infrastructure map through our Property Owner's Tool. Learn more.

Trying to predict the cumulative impact of various green infrastructure projects on local sewer overflows? Want to determine the location and cost of implementation and maintenance? The Engineer’s/ Planner’s Tool provides a scenario builder that can help plan the selection, placement, and tracking of GI projects. Learn more.

Interested in seeing the Pittsburgh region's growing number of green infrastructure projects? Check out the 3RWW Green Infrastructure Atlas to locate green infrastructure at work in your community.

Green Infrastructure Guidance

EPA issues guidance for cities on managing sewer overflows with green infrastructure. The document is called Greening CSO Plans.  Learn More.


Green Infrastructure Resources

Looking for more information on green infrastructure. Check out our green infrastructure reports, fact sheets and white papers.  Learn More.


Spotlight on green infrastructure

Can a green roof be both functional and beautiful? See how the Allegheny County Office Building measures up with monitoring results. Learn more.