Step 1: Enter project name.
Enter your address (e.g. 3901 Penn Ave.15224) and click on the search button below it. Locate My Address

Step 2: Draw property boundary by clicking on each corner of your property. (To adjust view, hover over satellite button and select/deselect 45-degree angle.)
Step 3: Click on the icon to confirm your boundary selection.
Step 4: Select your green infrastructure.

Using the address you provided, the tool was able to find your location and build your Property Profile, which includes information like average annual rainfall, total parcel acres, slope, and soil type. This data is then used to determine which green infrastructure (GI) projects are best for your property. The yellow highlighted green infrastructure below is recommended for your property, but you can select any of the GIs listed below. If you need additional information about these GIs, visit the Green Solutionspage. Once you have selected your GI, click on the Plan tab to Plan and Share your project.


You have selected the following RainWays Best Practices. Use the slider bar to adjust the GI size to determine the amount of stormwater the GI can control. Use the menu bar on the right to track your overall property progress.

Annual Runoff: 0 gal.
Reduction: 0 gals.
Area Treated: 0 sq. ft.
Reduction (gals.) Area (sq.ft) % area treated
Yard 0 0 0
Paved 0 0 0
Roof 0 0 0
Total Green Practices: 0
Total Costs($): $0
Roof Area: SQ.FT.
Yard Area: SQ.FT.
Paved Area: SQ.FT.