Regional Solutions

Communities are met with the largest & most costly public works project ever faced by the Pittsburgh region, the rehabilitation & long-term maintenance & operation of 4,000 miles of sewers that serve nearly one million residents.  3RWW is committed to improving water quality through the most cost-effective regional solutions. 
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Looking for studies or reports on wet weather issues, educational posters, ads or facts sheets, maps of the region’s sewer system, or a glossary of wet weather terms?  Here’s where you’ll find uncopyrighted material for your use in educating yourself and others.
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Green Solutions

Effective stormwater management is a challenging environmental problem, particularly for southwestern Pennsylvania. Green infrastructure, which uses natural resources to manage rainwater where it falls, can be a cost-effective, sustainable solution to the problem.
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Eighty-three Allegheny County municipalities, including the City of Pittsburgh, flow into one wastewater treatment plant—ALCOSAN.  Together with ALCOSAN these communities must develop a long-term, regional solution to the wet weather problem. 3RWW’s online tools can help. 
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The Pittsburgh region's frequent rainfall brings an underground, out-of-sight problem into clear view. During nearly every rainfall or snow melt, excess water gets into municipal sewer systems, which results in untreated sewage and storm water overflowing into our streams and rivers.  These overflows not only violate the Environmental Protection Agency’s federal Clean Water Act, but they cause a multitude of health, environmental and economic development concerns.

3 Rivers Wet Weather is a nonprofit environmental organization created in 1998 to support 82 Allegheny County municipalities and the City of Pittsburgh in addressing the region’s wet weather overflow problem.  3RWW has earned municipal trust by building relationships with municipal officials, regulatory agencies, legislators and other regional leaders. 

With the cooperation and involvement of communities throughout the ALCOSAN service area, 3 Rivers Wet Weather is committed to laying the foundation for sewer system consolidation—the key to long-term system sustainability and improved water quality for generations to come.


The new Flush-It!  Interactive Tracing Tool, created in partnership with ALCOSAN and CivicMapper, shows you the direct path wastewater takes from your home to the ALCOSAN treatment plant. You might be surprised. Try it out!

Green Infrastructure Resources

EPA issues guidance for cities on managing sewer overflows with green infrastructure. The document is called Greening CSO Plans.  Learn More.


Ohio River Basin Plan 

Watch this presentation at a recent 3 Rivers Wet Weather 3WG meeting for an overview of the Ohio RIver Basin Plan for 2020-2025.   




A tool for homeowners and engineers to site and plan green infrastructure for private and public properties.

A sophisticated calibrated radar rainfall system that measures rainfall throughout the region with the highest level of accuracy.

Tools that assist municipalities in meeting consent order requirements and long-term wet weather planning.